Letters and Certificates of Appreciation
11-22-06 Letter to the Courier and Press Editor
09-20-06 Letter of Appreciation to Newspaper "Commendable search"
04-20-06 Thank you Letter from Florida American Red Cross
02-17-06 Thank you from Marrs Twp Fire Department
02-17-06 Thank you from Black Twp Fire Department
02-10-06 EMS Certification Letter from the State of Indiana
02-06-06 Thank you from Knight Twp FD on Nov 6, 2005 Tornado Disaster
12-15-05 Thank you letter from Evansville Mayor Weinzapfel
11-21-05 Thank you card to OVSAR
11-20-05 2005 Holiday Parade Certificate
10-08-05 2005 Fall Festival Main Parade Certificate
10-06-05 Thank you letter from Cub Scout Pack Leader
09-20-05 Thank you letter from EPD for National Night out
08-19-05 Thank you letter from SIRDC
07-09-05 OVSAR Project Lifesaver Participating member
11-19-04 Letter of Appreciation from Evansville Police Chief
10-01-04 Indiana State EMS Awards
08-05-04 Thank you Card from Impact Ministries downtown
08-04-04 Thank you Letter from New Harmony Fire department
04-08-04 Congratulations Letter from the State of Indiana
04-08-04 State of Indiana Rescue Squad Certification
01-23-04 Thank you Letter from Kiwanis
01-15-04 Appreciation Certificate from East Side Kiwanis
10-11-03 2003 Fall Festival Parade Certificate
09-22-03 Letter to Courier and Press Editor
07-02-03 A Thank You from the Forrest Miller family
05-02-03 Letter From Vanderburgh Central Dispatch
04-20-03 Letter from West Side Nut Club
02-22-03 Appreciation  Certificate from Black Township Fire & Rescue
10-28-02 A Thank You Letter from the FBI
06-06-02 Letter from Perry Twp. Fire Chief
04-18-02 Leadership and Jefferson Awards at USI
12-03-01 Thank You Letter Purebred Dog Breeders & Exhibitors Association
11-19-01 Thank You Letter Adele's Naturally in Evansville
04-15-01 Thank You Card from the Indianapolis Police Department
08-10-99 Appreciation Letter from the Evansville Police Department
07-17-99 Appreciation  Certificate from the Knox County EMA Director
04-27-99 Foundation Check Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation
04-30-98 Appreciation Card from the Vanderburgh County Sheriff
01-01-98 Leadership Evansville Recognizes OVSARD Certificate
08-01-97 NASAR Response ' 97 Award for OVSAR
05-31-97 Letter from Indiana Governor Frank O'Bannon
05-09-96 Alcoa Foundation awards grant to Ohio Valley SAR Team
07-21-95 Appreciation Certificate from the Owensboro Police Department
08-07-95 Appreciation Letter from the Owensboro Police Department
07-27-95 Appreciation Letter from the Owensboro Fire Department
07-21-95 Appreciation  Certificate from the Owensboro Police Department

From Vanderburgh County Deputy  Sheriff Detective Steve Lockyear

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