Archives SAR Stories and Letters from the Evansville Area
08-28-15 Gibson County Sheriffs Office thank you to searchers
06-03-15 3-year-old found safe 12 hours after reported disappearance
03-30-15 SAR UAV Search to assist Indiana DNR
02-13-15 Missing Henderson woman found in the woods
01-18-15 Remains recovered at Dubois County fire scene
07-04-14 Human leg found in Ohio River
06-06-14 Missing 11-year-old girl Warrick County Located, returned home
02-16-14 Water Search Continues for missing man
02-08-14 Man who jumped from bridge still missing
01-26-14 SILVER ALERT Found Deceased
01-04-14 Illinois Woman still missing in Indiana flood water
10-13-13 Owensboro man drowns near Newburgh Beach
04-03-13 Historic Orleans Theatre destroyed by fire
04-09-13 Authorities identify body found in Wabash River
02-13-13 State Fire Marshal Rules Fatal Fire Accidental
11-24-12 Search crews looking for missing woman
12-01-12 A Nose for Lost People FEATURED STORY-The Saturday Herald
05-17-12 Red Cross Volunteer Award winner 2012
03-26-11 Search crews search for Elderly Man
03-18-11 Search crews checking on river resident
03-16-11 Water rescue leaves woman with citation
03-02-11 Crews searching Wabash River
11-25-10 Missing 72 year old man found safe
08-15-10 Missing swimmer's body found
08-14-10 Search for missing swimmer off Newburgh Beach
04-10-10 House fire kills children, step-father arrested
04-10-10 Vanderburgh Fire Kills two kids
03-13-10 Cause of fatal blaze yet to be determined
03-13-10 Knox Co. house fire kills couple
03-13-10 Missing 6 year old found
09-24-09 Missing Rockport Woman found
09-09-09 McClean County Woman found alive
08-29-09 Missing boy found
05-23-09 Woman found alive after wandering off
05-22-09 Authorities Find Missing Posey Co. Woman
05-22-09 Missing Posey County woman found alive
05-18-09 Body of missing teenager found
03-09-09 Happy Ending: "Lifesaver" equipment proves its worth
01-22-09 Silver Alert bill on its way to Indiana House
01-19-09 Indiana Legisiator to Propose Silver Alert
01-05-09 Indiana Silver Alert
01-03-09 Lost & Found courierpress story
07-06-08 Boaters body found
06-23-08 Henderson Co. looks to buy tracking system
06-20-08 OVSAR training in downtown building
03-21-08 Vanderburgh Creek Keeps Rising 
11-14-07 Alzheimers  screening to promote early detection
11-11-07 Missing Boy Scout Found 
10-29-07 Local Search Team receives National Certifications
08-16-07 Missing Ohio Man Found Alive, in fair health
08-15-07 Search Crews find missing man
08-14-07 Family Thanks Supporters, Search Teams
08-12-07 Update on Missinig ATV Person
08-11-07 Search Teams Find Missing Man
08-11-07 Search Team Expands Area
08-06-07 Darkness halts River Search
08-05-07 Search for missing boater
05-25-07 Person walks away from fire scene
05-19-07 Water Safety program starts for the long weekend
04-24-07 Lifesaving device available for Alzheimers patients
02-21-07 Foot Loose: Gruesome Discovery Made
02-20-07 Evansville Mardi Gras Parade
10-27-06 PAAWS Plans Muttley Masquerade
10-24-06 Search over for Missing Man
09-09-06 Project Lifesaver Program
05-26-06 Search over for Perry County Family
04-12-06 Last of six drowning victims recovered
04-09-06 One Body Found as Search Continues
04-07-06 Stormy Weather Stalls Search
04-05-06 River Search for missing men
04-04-06 River Search Called "Recovery"
04-03-06 3 Brothers, friend believed drowned in SUV accident
04-03-06 Vehicle Pluges into Ohio River, 2 Dead, 4 Missing
03-25-06 IDEAL Day inspires "happy faces" for kids
01-17-06 Missing Health Patient Found
12-27-05 Story of a small miracle
12-22-05 Thank You First Responders, from all of us
11-09-05 National Situation Report-Evansville
11-07-05 OVSAR on the Front Page of Louisville Paper
11-06-05 TV 14 Tornado time line
10-13-05 Project Life Saver goes up with Life Flight
09-27-05 Perry Co. Body is Likely Missing Man
09-26-05 TOP STORY-Search Intensifies for Missing Man
09-24-05 Search countinues for missing Tell City man
09-24-05 Elderly patient missing
09-22-05 Search Intensifies for Missing Man
09-19-05 Katrina's despair, doctor finds true angels
07-17-05 Animal Planet Expo lets pets shine
05-31-05 Missing man's body is pulled from river
05-28-05 Ohio River searched for possible jumper
05-18-05 Red Cross recognizes heroes of the community
05-17-05 OVSAR is American Red Cross Group Winner of the Year
05-16-05 Body found is woman who had been missing since Dec 27
04-24-05 Body is missing VU student
03-21-05 Search reveals no clues of missing woman
03-21-05 No leads on missing VU student
03-14-05 Haubstadt man found dead near creek
02-20-05 48th Annual Tri-State Boat Show
02-05-05 Search Continues in Vincennes for Missing Teen
01-31-05 Missing child's body found
01-29-05 Search continue for missing 10 year old girl
01-28-05 Crothersville Search- Indiana Amber Alert
01-18-05 Missing teen walking into night on bridge
01-17-05 Search for VU student continues
01-17-05 River Search resumes for missing woman
01-15-05 Search for Missing Vincennes Teen
12-21-04 Spicer boy found volunteers thanked
12-18-04 Child's body recovered
12-17-04 Rescue Workers Search the Muddy River
11-17-04 Police Call Off Search for Possible Murder Victim
11-17-04 Law Enforcement Digging For Bodies in Posey County
10-06-04 Toddler Search Has Happy Ending
10-03-04 Emptiness remains after blast
09-29-04 Ohio Valley Squad wins Rescue Award
09-18-04 OVSAR is picked as Indiana Rescue Squad of the Year 2004
09-15-04 Frantic Search for Missing Toddler
08-11-04 More than 200 respond in search
08-06-04 Update Missing Girl in Petersburg area
07-28-04 Rescue crews help reaffirm the decency of community
07-27-04 Drowning victim recovered from lake
06-15-04 Training Secrets highlights Evansville  dogs
06-13-04 Divers searching for missing man
06-02-04 NASAR to partner with Citizen Corps
05-29-04 INSARA Celebrates 10th Anniversary
05-20-04 OVSAR search team near Oaktown, IN
05-19-04 Authorities seeking black boxes, debris.
05-17-04 Pup Potential "companion canine"
04-26-04 Rescue team wins special certification 
04-21-04 OVSAR obtains Indiana State Certification  (WIKY)
04-16-04 Training put to use in search
04-09-04 Body of missing SIUC student found
04-08-04 Local authorties continue to comb Cedar Lake
04-04-04 House Blows up
04-03-04 Missing Person found from house explosion
04-02-04 Life & Leisure Hometown story (OVSAR)
03-14-04 Boat show, Evansville Courier & Press Add
03-07-04 Boat show, worth a trip in two weeks
03-04-04 Missing Alzheimer's Patient Found
03-01-04 Search unsuccessful Saturday
02-29-04 Search for Gladys Jones has so far been unsuccessful
02-23-04 Divers Still searching  Embarras River
02-16-04 Search continues on Embarras River
02-13-04 Search for Gladys Jones resume Saturday
01-26-04 Searching the River using Cadaver Dogs
01-24-04 Evansville crew, dog, to aid in river search
01-24-04 River search for missing teen Intensifies
01-15-04 River search for missing Lawrenceville, Ill., woman resumes
01-14-04 Body found in floodwater (Bedford, Indiana)
01-10-04 Man caught in flood rescued
01-09-04 Evansville man saved from drowning
12-25-03 Rescue crews recovers body from river
12-24-03 Search for Posey County man continues (OVSAR)
12-23-03 Divers thwarted by high water
09-15-03 Newburgh Man found unharmed
09-06-03 Henderson K-mart Safety Day
08-06-03 National Night Out (OVSAR)
06-25-03 Man found in good shape  (OVSAR)
04-27-03 Insurance Women of Evansville
03-13-03 Jill Behrman Found
01-12-03 Missing Man's body found
01-05-03 Police continue search for missing man, 78
01-03-03 Police and Volunteers Search for Missing Illinois Man
11-21-02 Report on Behrman's disappearance turned over to prosecutor
11-08-02 Toyota grant awarded to OVSAR
11-03-02 Search and Rescue teams train with Dogs
10-18-02 Have you seen this woman?
09-21-02 "Its Just Gone" Twister Destroys Several Homes
09-20-02 Pictures Tornado Damage in Posey County Indiana
09-16-02 Police prepare to search creekbed for missing student
09-09-02 Search for Body
08-08-02 Boy 4 safety back home after search
08-07-02 Divers discover body of missing Chandler man
08-01-02 Search  resumes for missing student
07-25-02 Local heroes set example
07-03-02 Man's body recovered from river
07-03-02 Warrick girls pitching in for Search and Rescue
05-30-02 Local Rescuer remembers Ground Zero clean-up
05-29-02 Letter to SAR DOG list
04-14-02 Life-and-death mission
04-08-02 Search Dogs Train in Evansville
02-05-02 Trainer, 4 rescue dogs honored
01-27-02 Newspaper Boat Show Advertisement for OVSAR
12-10-01 Evansville firefighter joins nations search and rescue elite
11-04-01 INKY Fall Training 2001, Lincoln City, IN
10-10-01 Picture Gallery: Heroic Rescue Dogs Go Home
09-29-01 OVSAR 10 Year Celebration Wesselmans Woods
09-28-01 Team searches sea of tragedy
09-27-01 Search Dog Returns home (TV 25)
09-22-01 Heroes from the heartland come home
09-21-01 Search-dog group from Kentucky joins recovery effort
09-21-01 Thousands hail return of Indiana rescue unit
09-19-01 Four-Legged Rescuers at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon
09-18-01 Video Clip of Indiana FEMA K-9 members at WTC scene
09-18-01 IN Task Force 1 Slide Show
09-17-01 Newburgh team joins New York recovery effort
09-14-01 Evansville Woman, dog join New York searchers
09-13-01 Frustrated Indiana Rescue Crews
04-15-01 Being trained to help others (OVSAR)
03-05-01 Police search for driver after truck found wrecked
02-27-01 Warrick Police K-9 Dressed for Success
10-03-00 NASAR SAR DOG Alert - Summer Edition
09-30-00 Front Page Picture In Training News Paper
09-29-00 abc 25 TV News  Water Training
09-29-00 16 Dogs training for water rescue
09-11-00 Bloomington Search for Alzheimer's patient
09-06-00 Grisly slaying admitted (Where remains were found)
09-04-00 Fox7  News (WTVW)  - Ford Supercrew of the Month 
08-31-00 Two Children found in Gibson County Search  (TV 25)
08-30-00 Alzheimer's patient found  (TV Fox7)
08-29-00 Lost Man  found behind house (TV14)
07-01-00 Cheers, for SAR team
07-01-00 Rescue Dogs get computer chips (OVSAR)
06-29-00 Rescue Team gets national spotlight
06-27-00 USA TODAY Ford Supercrew of the Week
06-13-00 Lost in the river bottoms for two days? I don't mind......
06-11-00 Letter from Richland Co. ILL. Sherriff's Department
06-04-00 Search for cyclist intensifies
06-01-00 River search for missing boy (Front Page)
06-01-00 Search Continues for Posey Co. Teen
05-31-00 Rescue dog tracks down lost woman 
(Pictures of the Scene)
08-15-99 FEMA Task Force Drills in Evansville     INTF-1
12-09-98 Letter from Daviess Co. KY Sherriff's Department
12-07-98 Search for three bodies in Daviess Co. KY
10-20-98 Demonstration in Pike County
01-25-98 Water Search on Ohio River at Cincinnati, OH
06-04-97 Dogs and Masters are Finally Honored
04-07-97 Earlington, KY fire ruled arson
04-05-97 Earlington, KY Fatal Apartment Fire
07-10-96 Training to be Superdog
11-12-96 Hunter in woods near Mt.Vernon, IN
12-06-95 Award Letter from Sigma Chemical Company
08-25-95 Letter from Vanderburgh Sherriff's Department
08-07-95 Letter from Owensboro, KY Police Department
04-17-95 Search and Rescue course scheduled (NASAR)
08-09-94 House fire at Velpen, Indiana (OVSAR)
08-03-94 Newscast helps police find boy
11-14-93 Drill at the Vanderburgh County 4-H Center
Pictures of Effort 93 (K-9 Helicopter Training) (OVSAR)
05-27-93 Water search in north side lake (OVSAR)
11-25-91 Organization of the Search and Rescue Team (OVSAR)

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