agile / adj: able to move easily and quickly: nimble.
agility / noun (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

Search dogs need to be agile and able to negotiate fallen trees, streams, banks and cliffs to boarding and riding in a boat to possible disaster scenes with collapsed walls and twisted mobile homes.

To prepare a dog for the above possibilities takes time and lots of exposure to all kinds of situations. Walks for the pup through the woods, playing on the equipment in parks and playgrounds, and eventually advancing to agility equipment and rubble helps prepare the search dog to be comfortable negotiating most any scene.

 A puppy that's brave, curious and adventuresome is a big boost in the agility training. This training should be kept positive and upbeat with lots of rewards and praise. Compulsive agility training (or any training for that matter) results in a dog that shuts down or does it but without enjoying it. As we put it in the search world, "not all dogs raise their paw for this kind of work". We try to "listen" to our dog and progress forward at the dog's pace.

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