The Ohio Valley Search and Rescue, Inc. (OVSAR) was organized in August, 1991 by two area firefighters to serve the tri-stateOVSAR 1991 community of southwestern Indiana, southeastern Illinois, and north central Kentucky. The team received the first call for assistance in August, 1992. The team's current roster lists 31 members, five OVSAR mission ready dogs, and three dogs in training. In 2011, the team was summoned for 52 searches. This steady increase in calls can be attributed to the successful results of airscenting dogs and the high standards of continuous training all OVSAR members must acquire and maintain. 

When requested by local authorities, OVSAR responds quickly and efficiently Old NASAR patchto tri-state area calls within a 100 mile radius of Evansville, Indiana. The team treats all searches as an emergency. It is important that if and when the need arises, you contact your local law enforcement agency quickly and ask for OVSAR's assistance.

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